Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Beacon

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of heaven?
Well for me I do, as I have you.
No longer with the need to see the beauty of the stars;
Because I can simply look into your eyes.
When I do, it's like travelling through time, getting lost.
But you always bring me back with your smile and heart
My beacon!
You are the lighthouse on my shore.
Ever guiding me back to you
Watching and making sure no harm comes back to me.

An old friend

As I stood and watched a creature having problems keeping its eyes open
The sense of death filled the space between us.
Waiting for the moment to act, to end life.
I could not help but remember an old friend of mine.
How he was just lying there with only the strength to look around
With fear of not being able to move.
Wanting to, but to fail every time.
My eyes start to water; my mouth runs dry.
All I can remember is watching my old friends eyes,
Scared and unsure; trying to focus on something To give him courage.
I could not speak but wanted to say I would always love him,
To assure him that everything was going to be fine.
But still with the knowledge that he would soon be gone.
I awoke to find that he had gone, only to be seen with my inward eye.
Tears soon followed.
My eyes started to burn and I could feel the warmth of my tears
As they ran down my face and to the ground.
Why did he have to go I screamed to my soul?
My heart broken.
I still look at a photo of him and remember the times
where we shared each other’s company.
The warm and cold days of life;How fragile.
As I look at the photo my eyes well up;
And my tears once again hit the ground.
Forever to be missed by a family
who has lost a part of them.
I wrote this quite some time ago while remembering my dog Blaise who had to be put down on new years day this year.

No Title

Your entrancing gaze beckons me closer to you
I cannot break free of a spell that I wish never to be broken.
All the while as the space between your eyes and myself gets smaller
Everything around you disappears.
All I can see are your beautiful eyes and your soul
Smiling and calling to me through them.
Soon our eyes are inches away from each other,
I find the courage to break free of them so I may see your beautiful face.
I cannot resist but to stroke your cheek and taste your lips
Soft and smooth I kiss your lips, another spell has been cast.
I am able to pull away to see you smile, as sweetly as an angel
And our eyes dance together as we share the joy of the embrace.
I now know that I will never forget that moment,
when the worldStopped and you were mine.