Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An Icarus Daydream

A while back I was walking along listening to a reborn modern classical piece on my discman when I reached the top of a hill I had to walk down. As I was doing so the sun fought through the dark, miserable rain cloud. As it did sun beams hit the watery patches on the ground and lit them up in a somewhat beautiful and awing manner. I was suddenly in a daydream, and at that moment I had taken a couple of hops and glided into the air, I flew down the hill and amongst the buildings. The feeling I had was overwhelming, a sense of freedom and joy, I wondered for a moment in my day dream, how Icarus felt when he and his father took to the sky, the moment when the foolishness entered his heart to fly higher, the foolishness in my heart when I awoke from my day dream. For a brief moment I was free, nothing to hold me back, nothing to stand in my way, to feel the wind on my face as I soared high up to the heavens. I realise now, it was my heart and soul, they are free and they continue to soar, and with that knowledge I can do anything.


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